OFA CHIC #94344

Available at stud to approved bitches. Inquiries welcome!

Captain is currently the PPP Top Producing Sire with his most recent litter born January 12, 2023 with 16 AKC Champions and multiple performance titles in Lure Coursing, Scent Work and Companion.


2020 PPPA National Specialty Winner – Best Veteran Sweepstakes, Best Veteran and Award of Merit

Judges Stacy Faw (pictured) and Sally Wynn

Pictured below October 2019

Captain Moving_VLC2658 Candid

There are so many things to love about this dog…..

Balanced proportions standing still and moving with a light trot, easy and agile movements.

Very lively and intelligent. A companion that willing serves as a show dog and a watchdog.

That I have no doubt would be an eager hunter in the field…

… Are just to name a few.

He is currently the top producing sire of 16 AKC champions with several others close to finishing!

Captain semi-retired from the conformation ring September 2017 finishing his Silver Grand Championship. Thank you judge, xxxxxxx. We are very proud of his accomplishments in the breed as a show dog, lure courser and sire!

He finished the year #10 breed points and #5 Owner-handled.

One of several best of breed wins in 2017.

April 2017 Owner-handled Group 1, under Mr. Donovan Thompson.

2016 National Specialty – Select Dog and Best Stud Dog

under respected breeder-judge Vitor Veiga.

Select Dog PPPA Independent Specialty folowing the National under respected breeder-judge Gabriela Veiga.

Like father – Like son…

2016  BISS GCH Anevan The Captain JC and BISS GCH Pirata II de Viamonte CM

I do love this dog! 

2015 National Specialty Best in Show under Mr. Douglas A. Johnson. What a thrill!!

Captain BOB NationalGroup 4 under Mrs. Gloria Geringer

Captain CHKC VG4 2015

First of his “Junior Coursing” runs was completed September 2014.


Sire: GCH Pirata II de Viamonte CM
Dam: CH Ketka’s Winning Colors CM
Whelped: April 8, 2012

Owners: Susan Souza and Jean Evanoff
Breeder: Jean Evanoff and Carol Sowders

DNA #V782387

Eye cert & hips info

Eyes – PPD-EYE30/61M-VPI

Hips – PPD-64E24M-VPI

Patellas – PPD-PA70/24M/P-VPI


UPDATE 2/1/18

The results from Pawprint Genetics DNA test  –

DM, PLL, PRA-CRD4 and PRA-PRCD. All Normal – Non-carrier!!

Captain OFA


2014 Shows ……

Best of Breed and Group 4 under Mrs. Susan St. John Brown

Captain VG4 DTKC 2014 StJohn Brown

Owner-Handler Group 1 Judge Mr. Robert Paust. Thank you!

Captain CCKC OHG1

Best of Breed Redwood Empire Kennel Club September 2014 Judge Ms. Linda C. More

Captain BOB REKC 2014 More

I am guessing 4 months old..

Captain puppic2

Captain puppic3

Achievements: 2015 National Specialty Best of Breed, Best Stud Dog and Best Owner-Handler. Completed Junior Coursing title January 2, 2016. Sire of multiple best of breed and group placing champions.

Pedigree of ” AKC GCH and UKC CH Anevan The Captain JC”

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
SIRE: GCH Pirata II de Viamonte  Pulga do Vale Negro Port. CH Moscatel Do Vale Negro
 Melga do Farrobo
 Lixivia de Viamonte  Port CH Carapau de Viamonte
 Port CH Laranja Do Vale Negro
DAM: CH Ketka’s Winning Colors Ganadeiro de Viamonte  Port CH Carapau de Viamonte
 Port CH Torrada de Viamonte
 Varina de Viamonte  Port CH Peradoce
 Port CH Laranja do Vale Negro